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A loyalty fan wallet
for your digital communities

Rewarding fans for their engagement wherever they are, whatever they do

Providing rights holders with a fan data collection solution to build their proprietary fan base


The Sports & Entertainment industry is at the beginning of its digital transformation

The winners of the S&E industry will move from a B2B to a B2C business model

The future of the S&E industry is pegged to its capacity to acquire and manage fans’ data directly

The leaders will establish a direct-to-fan relationship that keep fans’ passion up all time


A fan loyalty solution designed for the Sports & Entertainment industry


Rights holders

- Build your own fan base
- Increase B2C revenues including new digital products
- Develop new B2B digital packages for sponsors & brands


- Demonstrate fandomship
- Compete with other fans
- Access exclusive offers

Sponsors & brands

- Access a highly qualified channel of communication
- Reduce cost of conversion and increase ARPU
- Monitor sponsorship ROI



A huge potential for revenue increase as 90% of fans spend less than 1€ per year

With Fanprime

  • Increase your fan knowledge and fuel your CRM base
  • Boost fan monetization beyond “core fans” and season ticket holders
  • Enrich your sponsorship packages with a new data asset


A huge potential for revenue increase as Esport teams presents a very low average revenue per fan in 2019

With Fanprime

  • Build your direct-to-fan and CRM ecosystem
  • Differentiate your brand with an innovative asset
  • Improve your business model sustainability and valuation with a powerful stream of B2C revenues
  • Attract more sponsors

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