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Make superfans’ online interactions count with
a reward program worth cheering about

Use a fan engagement platform to turn digital interactions into superfan rewards programs, increased B2C sales, and priceless fan data insights.
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Drive more online fan interactions across multiple social touchpoints,

and actually

reward them for their data.

Sports fans are not rewarded for online engagement.
They should be.

Capturing the online attention of sports fans is increasingly difficult, yet fans are not recognized nor rewarded for their engagement with sports industry social accounts. Now, thanks in part to simple API connections, your digital marketing team can build a scalable loyalty program that tracks where your fans interact across today’s most popular touchpoints.


With a fan engagement platform, sports fans can easily connect their online accounts to begin earning points for all interactions and then spend those points on exclusive offers, “money can’t buy” experiences and tokenized cards, an NFT reserved especially for superfans.


By simply launching the Fanprime engagement platform, your sports organization will be able to customize the fan loyalty interface, create earn actions and spend offers, and monitor online sports fan data insights in just one place.


Customize and create a unique fan experience

Build a white label solution to customize your program’s interface (background andlanding page), logo, colors (primary and secondary), fan favorites, user tutorials, naming for seasons and tokens, fan status pyramid, homepage carousel and more.


Easily manage communication with superfans, creating a channel to generate upselling on exclusive merchandise and ticketing offers or open new revenue streams, such as B2C digital products like NFTs.

Seamless API integration across all main touchpoints

Fanprime is built to be the “Shopify of Digital Fan Loyalty,” allowing sports organisations to easily integrate into today’s main social touchpoints to capture fan data wherever possible.


We are constantly growing on API integration network, and offer a highly scalable multi-client infrastructure on the AWS cloud system.

Collect fan data.
Actually reward them for giving it to you!

01 Identify Superfans

Using a fan engagement platform, sports and esports digital marketing teams can finally identify their top digital fans (also known as ‘whales’). By tracking and rewarding interactions across touchpoints around the internet, you’ll also be able to create a two-way direct communication channel with these superfans (the top 5% of digital fans), which represent 90% of social engagement and brand value.

02 Enhance Loyalty

Fans are tired of being the product, with major social and digital platforms taking their data and giving nothing in return. A sports fan engagement platform will allow you to reestablish trust in digital interactions by rewarding them for their data, a major stepping stone to moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. In return, fans will actually get to monetize their data and interactions by building points with your loyalty program, which then drives more engaging fan behaviours through a positive feedback loop.

03 Generate Upsells

You can leverage valuable fan data insights and the rewards programs of a fan engagement platform to generate upselling opportunities on exclusive merchandise, even tickets and more. The digital environment of a fan engagement platform also enables sports marketing teams to create new revenue streams with unique B2C digital products, such as digital memberships and NFT fan cards. Overall, using a fan engagement platform can increase ARPU by a minimum of 10€ per year.

04 Pioneer Web 3.0 Innovation

The launch of a fan engagement platform opens the innovative opportunity to create a sports fan metaverse – a living digital asset that sports organizations can use to build even more loyalty, B2C upsells, and direct-to-fan sponsorship opportunities. In particular, sports organizations will be able to create tradeable NFT prizes and a tokenization economy within their platform, allowing fans to live, trade and earn online – all directly from their love of the game.


Introducing the
Hall of Fans

Fans that generate the most interactions – and thus points – on your platform will be whitelisted on a leaderboard. This ‘Hall of Fans’ will allow them the exclusive right to buy superfan NFT cards, which they can hold on to or trade for points. This is just the beginning of the sports fan metaverse!

Start using a fan engagement platform in 4 simple steps

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Customise your interface colors, logos, etc.
Connect all social and digital platforms in a few clicks.
Create unique ‘quests’ and exclusive offers.

Set up your interface in just a few clicks

Fanprime’s fan engagement platform is built to enable the intuitive set up and launch of rewards and loyalty programs.


Our platform is built by fan engagement experts, and specially designed to make it simple to quickly connect all of your social and digital platforms directly from your dashboard, allowing you to easily monitor, reward and manage fan interactions in one place.

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