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Future of Loyalty Programs:

How Loyalty 3.0 Unlocks Hidden Revenue for Brands

Learn about how Web3 is spurring the next generation of customer loyalty strategies.

Loyalty 3.0: The future of loyalty programs is here

Why is now the time to start learning about Web3-based loyalty programs?

Loyalty 3.0: The future of loyalty programs is here

Why is now the time to start learning about Web3-based loyalty programs?

What you’ll learn in this report

The evolution of rewards programs has been steady since their inception over 120 years ago.

From stamps and airline miles to data-based Internet 2.0 programs, loyalty programs have reflected the technology of the time.

Loyalty 3.0 is the next step, building on Web3 touchpoints to offer a whole new user experience.

It’s not all about instant returns.

Find out how loyalty programs help lay down the foundations of a strong long-term customer base and an enhanced brand image by:

  • Growing customer engagement.
  • Boosting spending and buying frequency.
  • Increasing customer retention.
  • Encouraging referrals.
  • For over nine out of 10 businesses, they’re a solid long-term revenue stream.

Loyalty programs are increasing, but engagement is decreasing: why is that?

Discover how the limitations of Loyalty 2.0 call for brands to search for an upgrade, thanks to:

  • A lack of original or exciting incentives.
  • Low participation.
  • Difficult rewards redemption.
  • Fast-growing customer expectations in the digital era.
  • Difficulties creating cross-brand partnerships.

Integrating Loyalty 3.0 into your brand doesn’t mean abandoning your existing 2.0 program.

You can upgrade it to include new Web3 features that bring huge customer lifetime value, including:

  • The digital ownership of rewards that you can monetize and trade with other users.
  • Exclusive NFTs: unique and inexpensive rewards for the most loyal customers.
  • Omnichannel rewards redemption and cashback across multiple platforms and partner brands.
  • Higher trust and transparency thanks to secure smart contracts.
  • Easy customization and integration into existing DApps.

The future of loyalty programs isn’t about wholesale changes, but evolution

You may think setting up Loyalty 3.0 comes with high pricing and a complex set-up, but building a new future of customer loyalty is possible for any small business.

Score quick easy wins with a simple step-by-step process, including:

  • Targeting clear objectives.
  • Starting your ecosystem small.
  • Ensuring seamless onboarding.
  • Providing utility to digital assets.
  • Future-proofing your program.

Check out how the likes of Starbucks and Adidas have grown their social media followers, downloads, and sales figures via successful loyalty 3.0 programs.

They offer personalized experiences, gamification, and real-time NFT-gated benefits that also help to drive interactions and brand loyalty.

Step into the future of loyalty programs with Fanprime

Fanprime’s loyalty program API integration is your ticket to this new world of customer experiences – and up to 50% more spending per customer.

No overhaul is needed. Via our simple digital touchpoints, you can connect our platform to your existing program and instantly benefit from a beefed-up Loyalty 3.0 program that:

Your guide for the new era of loyalty marketing

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