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The technology behind our loyalty platform

Deploy the most customizable, scalable, and powerful loyalty solution. Connect your communities to your assets thanks to Fanprime APIs

Fanprime technology  leads the way to loyalty 3.0

Operational benefits


Latest technology with encrypted personal data.

Execution efficiency

With near real time transparency.

Progressive web app

Fan interface available on desktop and mobile.

New features


Run a fan rewards program with a powerful tokenomics admin module

Digital products

Create digital battle pass, memberships, boosters or collectibles.

Exchange & market place

Facilitate points exchange and allow redemption for an experience, a digital or a physical product with you or your partners.

Fanprime is built on a set of core principles

Privacy by design

Fans data are anonymously encrypted


Transactions are recorded in the cloud


Cloud infrastructure is highly secured & protected


Fans are rewarded based on their engagement and purchases

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