The technology behind your new fan token economy

Deploy the most customizable, scalable, powerful and interoperable fan loyalty rewards application-specific blockchain.
And step into the virtual economy.

Fanprime technology solves today’s hardest blockchain problems


The fan loyalty reward program run on a permissioned blockchain based on Tendermint BFT protocol which is designed for high-speed transactions.


Fanprime delivers a fan loyalty reward program application-specific blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK modular framework that powers Cosmos Proof-of-Stake.


Fanprime connects to other applications via Interblockchain Communication (IBC); a TCP/IP-like messaging protocol for blockchains.

Fanprime framework within Cosmos SDK

Your fan is secured

Fanprime is built on a core set of principles

Privacy by design

Fans data are anonymously encrypted


Transactions are recorded in the blockchain


Fans e-wallets are highly secured & protected


Fans are rewarded based on their fan value

Leverage blockchain technology for loyalty reward programs

Operational benefits


Latest technology with encrypted sensitive data and tokenized points.

Execution efficiency

With near real time transparency.

Cost reduction

With lower system management and transaction costs

New features


Run a mutli-skateholders program with an on-chain governance.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

Create collectibles & achievement tokens.

Exchange & market place

Facilitate your tokens exchange and allow redemption for an NFT or physical product.

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