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Ignite Passion For Your Brand With a Loyalty Program API That Rewards Both You And Your Customers

Fanprime’s loyalty platform API drives user engagement, collects priceless first-party data, and builds the kind of brand love that keeps customers coming back for more.
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Unlock a new world of engagement and revenue by delivering


customer experiences across multiple digital touchpoints.

Build a loyalty program with tech proven to boost spending by up to 50% per customer

Loyalty program APIs are driving a new era of customer loyalty. Now your brand can be at the forefront.

Major brands are standing on the frontier of a digital revolution that’s transforming customer loyalty. Yet, with the breakneck speed of change, integrating the latest solutions into existing business models is hard.


Fanprime’s loyalty program API integration makes this easy. Via simple digital touchpoints, your brand can power up its rewards program through gamified features and personalized experiences that make each customer feel like the center of attention.


Users earn loyalty points for brand interactions and referrals, burn points in exchange for rewards, and compete for top spot on your brand’s customized leaderboard.

In return, companies get enhanced engagement, revenue, and rich and qualified user data collection.

Getting started is simple. Fanprime’s lightweight software sits on top of your existing backend, letting you customize your interface with your own brand theme and colours.


In just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to start creating gamified earn actions and collecting invaluable customer insights.

Gamify your customer experience with a Loyalty Program API

Adapt Fanprime’s loyalty features to your program’s own interface to create a customized and immersive customer experience.

You build the frontend in the style of your brand, we provide the platform connectors and ‘earn and burn’ features that will keep them coming back.
Fanprime’s loyalty program features

Considering creating the following rewards systems:

  • Social interactions (follow, like, share, view…)
  • Web3 activity
  • Purchase challenges
  • Treasure hunts
  • Quizzes / polls
  • Prediction games
  • Friend Referrals

Reward customers with:

  • Giveaways
  • Coupons
  • Badges
  • Digital tokens or collectibles (NFTs)

Gamify the user journey:

  • Status
  • XP points
  • Badges
  • Rankings per earn triggers
  • Leaderboards
  • Season mgmt
  • Discord widget integration

You then have the springboard toward building the CRM that drives retention. Tailor rewards toward different user segments via dedicated channels: award new customers welcome offers, upsell exclusive products to brand ambassadors, and announce new B2C digital merchandise.

A fully integrated digital hub

Fanprime’s API lets your brand execute an omnichannel strategy, connecting users across social media and website touchpoints so that you can capture unfiltered customer data.


You can connect our API to any application, ecommerce website or any other software solution quickly and easily, including Shopify, Twitter, Twitch, Metamask or a customized CRM/CDP.


Our API-first approach also lets organisations scale up their white-label platform on the AWS multi-client cloud system.

Make your customers brand ambassadors by harnessing a loyalty points API. Boost your revenue by rewarding them!

01 Identify Superfans

Customers are tired of being the product, so when a brand offers them gamified loyalty rewards they’re more likely to respond with trust and loyalty, and thus become more likely to provide you with valuable data.


Gamify your customer experience from our toolbox of loyalty features, including master quests, badges, and XP points accrual.

02 Pick out your brand ambassadors

Users can now monetize their interactions by collecting earn triggers like XP points, the start of a positive feedback loop.


Points propel users up an in-built leaderboard, fostering competition and stimulating the repetitive behavior that increases engagement.


You can easily see who are your brand ambassadors, those 5% at the top of the rankings who boast the most interactions.

03 Upsell exclusive ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences

Top customers unlock special privileges through which you can upsell unique customer experiences, motivating other users to interact more and earn this special status for themselves.


This is where your brand marketing team can get creative, with the software allowing them to open up new revenue streams with new B2C digital products, like brand tokens and utility NFTs: products that significantly enhance average user spend.

04 Create a customer metaverse

Many companies haven’t recognized the full potential of the tokenization economy and immersive technology that will let users live, trade, and earn online – all via their favourite brand.


By using state-of-the-art digital engagement tools, you’ll be part of the shift away from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and at the forefront of a digital revolution toward a customer metaverse.


Step into the Customer Metaverse

Your customers will soon know what it’s like to be immersed in your brand when they step into a unique customer metaverse via your rewards API.


From the point of sale (POS), they’ll get access to a vibrant digital community where they can have real-time interactions with fellow customers, digital loyalty cards, and compete in quests.


It’s the ultimate customer metaverse experience!

Easily integrate a loyalty program API

Our loyalty API toolkit allows developers to easily integrate logins on a range of social media, ecommerce and Web 3.0 platforms, such as Twitter, Shopify, and Kukai.

Fanprime’s rewards platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API to fit your specific brand loyalty program needs.


If you ever need assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

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Start reaping the rewards in just a few clicks

Fanprime’s inbuilt functionality makes it easy to get your ecommerce rewards program API up and running.

Our team of customer engagement specialists have created an oven-ready loyalty solution that lets you connect online platforms, create exclusive rewards, and monitor actionable customer data from an all-in-one dashboard.

Take the first steps toward a new era of digital customer engagement:

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